Charter, right of every individual to the entitlements associated with citizenship


Residents should expect:

  • The right of every individual to the entitlements associated with citizenship
  • To be encouraged and assisted in maintaining a high quality of life, with respect for the residents’ individuality
  • To be encouraged to maintain independence choosing, whenever possible, their own level of freedom, habits and lifestyle
  • To have their interests dealt with confidentially and to have their privacy respected
  • To be encouraged to fulful their human, emotional and social needs
  • To be encouraged to follow the religion of their choice and fulfil their spiritual needs
  • To be addressed as they wish
  • To be safeguarded from discrimination on any grounds, whether it be age, disability, sex, race, language or religion
  • To be given the choice to handle their own medicines when it is appropriate to do so
  • To be able to retain the doctor of their choice whenever possible
  • To receive medical and nursing care in a private place
  • To bathe, wash and use toilet facilities in private, or with assistance if needed
  • To be encouraged to use the facilities available to other people living in the community and assisted to make this possible
  • To have their care evaluated and discussed at regular intervals with the management of the home and to be given genuine and informed choices of the options available for their future care
  • To be freely given personal information on their condition and prospects, and to be informed of the person ultimately responsible for their care
  • To be cared for by appropriately trained and qualified staff
  • To be able to receive visitors at any reasonable time
  • To have the right to privately consult a Solicitor, Advisor or Advocate and have the right to be represented, when necessary, to put forward their own point of view
  • To have access to their personal files at any time
  • To be provided with homely, safe and clean accommodation of a high standard and be encouraged to bring personal possessions into the home
  • To have access to a telephone that is placed in a position of privacy